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Have you ever wanted to hide sensitive information on a web page?

BlurWeb Extension is helping people doing live screen sharing or recording video to making sure their sensitive information is secure, try now on

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"A friend of mine shared this extension with me and I knew I needed it immediately! I have always hated when creating videos of pages that have sensitive information on them and having to go back and edit the video to make sure I didn't accidentally leak private information to the viewer. This plugin not only allows me to do that very quickly and easily in video without having to re-edit that video but also allows me to do it in real time on a live video. I highly recommend this Chrome Extension!"

- Chris Morris

"Just purchase it. Very smooth and work nicely when I recording with Berrycast. It's very simple and easy to use. Just get it. Awesome!!"

- Mohd Hasmizi Che Jaya

"The BlurWeb extension does one thing and does it well: it allows users to blur out whatever sections of web pages they want. So if you need to record a video, do a screen share, or take screenshots of pages that contain sensitive information (like usernames, passwords, etc.), BlurWeb makes it cheap and easy to do so. It's a must-have extension to protect your privacy. Note: When you don't need to blur things out anymore, one click removes all the blur effects from the page you've assigned them to."

- Jackson Dean Chase

"Awesome extension, I had an issue with finding the extension but the developer himself helped me find it and got it activated. 10+ for customer support and 10+ for this extension that I didn't even know existed, it does a great job at BLURRING your content you don't want to share while on a Zoom meeting or presentation."

- Fernando Ortiz

"Works as advertised.Really useful when you are screensharing in a video call and want to hide stuff from a website."

- Vijay Bharadwaj

"Really nice extension. It's simple and it does what it says. Didn't encounter any bugs. It didn't clash when recording a screen share video on Berrycast. Worked like a charm :) Good stuff.."

- Greg Palma

"This is a must-have extension in a time where we need to be able to share screenshots, while being able to cover some sensitive bit of info. This tool lets you achieve that on the go while you are sharing a screen on a video call or when you need to grab a screenshot."

- Nataliya B

"very useful extension to hide sensitive info when doing any screen recording. can blur any elements and turn off in one click. fantastic idea!"

- Ryan Thian

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